Friday, August 01, 2008

I'm back.

Well theoretically, anyway.
My blog has been sadly neglected as of late and I am going to try and remedy that. I recently completed a huge slew of concept work which I can't post due to NDA's and have gotten back to doing some freelance illustration work of which (most) I can post.
Last weekend was the liveart show benefited KOOP and it was a lot of fun. Some cool artists and cool bands and hey, anyplace that sells PBR tallboys is an instant hit with me. I did four pieces total and I sold two so it was a success as far as I was concerned.
Lots of fun.

This one sold very quickly.

This is one sold before I was finished. It seems the nice lady that bought this one had bought another one from my last liveart show. I received a creepy question from a complete stranger while drawing this one.*

I knew this one was coming home with me (which it did) but it was fun.

I had an idea for this one before the show. Not exactly how I had pictured it but oh well. Maybe next time.

Thanks go out to Chris "Uncle Staple" Nicholas of Staple! fame and Kevin Peake for setting up the liveart stuff. Thanks guys.
So onto some more illustration. I was happy to FINALLY finish Captain Bogg & Salty's Frogg Island this week. I took way too long on this but honestly, it was a very intimidating job but I finally just put my head down and piled through it. It's for their new album entitled "Frogg Island" (I think). I was thrilled to hear the album pre-mixed and man, these guys have lifted their own bar. It's awesome. If you haven't heard any of their music, you really should. They kick much ass and if you're able to see them live, do yourself a favor and do it. You can see their badass video for their song "Pieces of 8ight" here.

If you really want to see a huge copy of the map click here.
Well I promise to post more art in the near future. I hope the five of you that check the blog are still with me.

*Creepy question when asked by a lady old enough to be your mom who you don't know while pointing to the naked lady you're currently drawing: "Does drawing this turn you on?"


Craig Zablo said...

Nice work! What will be really creepy is when the old lady shows up outside your bedroom window!

Kennon said...

Hey thanks Craig.
Yeah, that would be really creepy.

John said...

Holy spicy chicken salad! I have missed your art posts so much. I was asking Sarah the other day - have you heard from KJ? Is he okay? She said you were fine, just busy.

"I like Cake" didn't sell? I bet that will sell at Gencon in the first 3 minutes. It's frickin' ausme.

Cool creepy lady story. I don't know how I would have answered that without being being a smart ass. You know I don't think I could have answered and NOT been a smart ass. Man, if she wasn't hitting on you that was one wacky, inappropriate question.

Kennon said...

Thanks John.

Jason Chalker said...

Wow Kennon! Really nice stuff.

Kennon said...

Thank you sir.

Anonymous said...

I think they are all fantastic!! Aw, I wish I could have seen you draw those, I love watching the creative process at work! I will get around to sending you some cake one day!

a : )

Anonymous said...

LOL!! I just read the creepy lady question! Ew...Didja ever see that "Cougar's Den" skit on SNL? It's betties like that who make it even more difficult for the rest of us! Yuck! Oh well, your illustrations are fantabulous and we'll concentrate on that...

a : )

Paul Adam said...

These look great! Sorry I had to miss the live event :(