Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Octopus Sculpture - WIP 1

So I have a spot above the TV in the living room about 5' x 3' that needs filling and have had an idea to do an octopus sculpture for awhile now to fill it. I have a propensity towards octopi so it makes perfect sense. So after much mental deliberation I actually got down to working on it. This is my rough sketch to get my basic shapes down. I didn't do much work on the tentacles in the rough as I'll just let them take their shape as I sculpt. I had an old sculpture in the garage that I was doing nothing with and had a pretty good form already so I sawed it in half and recycled it to get the form I have now. This sculpture should go relatively fast, as unlike my other sculptures, isn't covered in 1000+ scales.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Splinter Pinup - Rough

So I'm working on another TMNT pinup. This time I chose to do Splinter. At first I was leaning towards the typical "zen" pose for Splinter but after numerous roughs I realized I wanted to show him kicking some ass and what better bad guys for Splinter to be fighting than some Mousers.