Thursday, July 24, 2008

Suh-weet! I won an award.

What this means can be seen here. Thanks so much Andi!
So in other news I've been busy with a lot of work that I can't post, NDA's and all that. So not a lot of art to post unfortunately. I'm ready for this week to be behind me because I'm really bummed I'm not going to San Diego Comic Con this year and I'm sick of every artist but me it seems posting "I'm about to get on a plane to San Diego, see everyone there!" or "Man I'm stoked to get to San Diego this year!" etc... It really sucks for those of us not going. Next year!
So that being said, I'll be attending a "We're not going to San Diego, let's all hang out and commiserate together" party at Austin Books this Friday and will be doing a live art show on Sunday to benefit KOOP

So if you're in the Austin area this week, come on out and say howdy (and say how much fun you're having even though we're not in San Diego).

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Sarah Frary said...

I can't make it to San Diego, OR your kick-ass party. I LOSE TWICE!