Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Collaborative Sketchbook - pages 8 & 9

A beautiful page by Kevin Peake. I love the landscape shot and the frame layout. And then blam! in kick-ass-heavy-metal-pinup fashion Tess Fowler introduces us to "The Girls".


da janx said...

Go Tess! Go Kevin!

Those girls are rocking my brains out.

The collaborative sketchbook is the best idea ever.

I reckon it has been done, but it'd be sweet to set up a site with the same concept.

Anonymous said...

Kevin's work is always golden, *sigh* so well done! Okay, I'm jealous of the ta tas...but, when those girls are my age, they'll be sorry! >: ) Superfantabulous work! This collaboration is quite something!

a : )