Saturday, March 15, 2008

TMNT pinup pencils

Whew. Here are the final pencils for the TMNT pinup. Eric said "go nuts and have fun with it", well I did both (now where am I going to put my signature...?) I'm probably going to ink on vellum which gives a super clean finish which I'm shooting for. It will appear in the book in black & white and I want to eliminate all my pencil "noise" and not ink directly on my pencils, which is what I usually do.

I believe it will appear in issue #45 of The Tales of the TMNT inside cover. I can't show the final inked version until it actually comes out so if you wanna see it go out and grab a copy.



Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Dude... that is fucking bad ass. Super fucking awesome!!!

Kennon said...

Thanks dude!

da janx said...

Holy crap! You are living the dream, my man! I can't even begin to imagine how much of a rush it must be working on this project.

You are doing a man's job. This is gorgeous. Great action and movement. Compositionally, strong as ever. Really kickin' some serious "a," yo.

Good call on moving to inks. Both of your styles are solid, but your clean ink line is what this project calls for--in my opine.

I love the whole "chainmail-scale, chains, eyes, triceratops hood area."

Once again, bravo!

Sam Niemann said...

Do you remember their follow up book, The Adolescent Radioactive Black-belt Hamsters?

That looks great! Don't forget to remind us when it hits the shelves. I'm not getting to the comic book store as often as I'd like.

John said...

*jaw drops*

Wow. Just... wow.

Congo ratz, my brother.

Paul Adam said...

The pinup of PINUPS! Can't wait to see the inks! The cthulloid design is wicked. Very inspiring and a kick in the pants.

Evan said...

Deeeeelicious. It just makes sense that Cthuloids + mutant turtles = awesomeness.
One of these days we're gonna hang out, we'll get drunk, and you'll inadvertently spill all your art secrets...mwahahah.

Anonymous said...

okay, my five year old loves this, and has asked for that exact sword on the left! *sigh* brilliant, now where will i find it? fantabulous Kennon, of course, but now i'll have higher and higher expectations every time i visit...stunning work!

a : )

Kennon said...

da janx - Thanks bro man. I am glad to be doing a man's job. Thanks again.

sam - Actually I had that comic and in the future I may reveal my rip off as well. Thanks man. I will deifnitely give a shout out when it comes out.

john - Thank you sir. *bows*

paul - Thanks bro, kicks in the pants are good right?

evan - Thanks mang, I'm all for getting drunk.

andi - Thanks so much for the kind words. Your 5 year-old sounds mighty cool. :)


Looking great man!

Eric Talbot said...

Awesome job Kennon - The inks are just as amazing as the pencils. And I get to see them first. I feel so special.