Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back from GenCon...

Well I'm back from GenCon and trying to get back into the swing of things just in time for me to get on a plane and go to Atlanta for DragonCon next week. Yeehaw!
GenCon was awesome, easily my best show yet. I had a great time talking to folks, selling some art, and meeting some of my clients that I know only through emails. The highlights of the trip in no particular order:
1) I got to hang out with Jeremy Mohler and Sarah Frary. Friends I made while at Wizard World Texas last year and have kept up with since. Along with my ol' pal Matt, the four of us shared a room. Late night/early morning Beerfest was awesome. You guys rock. Hard.
2) I met artist/writer/publisher guy Mark Smylie. Very cool cat, awesome artwork.
3) I got to play Starcraft 2! Hell yeah. It will easily be my all time favorite video game once it comes out which is supposedly sometime in 2008.
4) I got a genuine hug from one of my all-time favorite artists and all around cool dudes Steve Prescott. You rock my man, we'll definitely have to catch a beer and watch some football sometime.
5) I got 4 new pages done for my collaborative sequential sketchbook (check my website in the MISC gallery if you haven't seen it yet) with pages by Sarah Frary, Steve Prescott, Steve Ellis, and Mark Smylie took it back to Jersey with him to throw down on a page himself. This book is kicking much ass. Seriously. Thanks to all you guys who have participated. Much love.
6) I got to hang out with Larry Wickman and the gang at WEGS. The game was great fun even though (as usual) I was rolling like shit throughout. It was great to see and meet you guys!
7) I got a brand-new, spiffy copy of Red Dragon Inn which is my first box cover job! It really gave me a thrill seeing it and the promo banner while tables of people were playing all around. The fellas at Slugfest say that it was a big hit and they sold lots of copies. Suh weet.
8) Did I mention I got to play Starcraft 2?!
All in all a great show. Thanks goes out to everyone who came by and said howdy. We'll definitely see ya next year!


Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm a little jealous. That sounds like a great trip!

da janx said...

congrats amigo. sounds like it was a major hit for you.

El Willy said...

Still recovering...

It was great hanging with you - wish we had more time to chill.

And, yeah, you kinda got boned by your dice rolls. Sorry, man!

Good luck on your next con!

John said...

Starcraft 2?

But... but... how?

Dear god - I'm so freakin jealous!

Did you play Terran? Do the voices kick ass? Did you get grunt rushed? Was the most incredible experience of your life to date?

DAMN IT, MAN! Give up some details!

Seriously, sounds like Gen Con was a blast. Wish I could have been there...


(...And, you know, to be all supportive and crap for my girlfriend... blah, blah, blah...)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE to hear you rockin' on my dear friend. can't wait to hug you for real. looks like we'll be in Austin from the 17th? 18th? somewhere around there til we fly out on the 25th. <3 MJ