Tuesday, June 02, 2009

First page in my new sketchbook.

So this is how most of my fish start off. As tiny thumbnails, almost just silhouettes just get a general outline and shape. Then I scan the page, blow them up individually, drop the opacity in photoshop, print them out and do the originals right on top of the print out.

Like I said, I am making a concerted effort to start posting regularly here again. I thank those of you who are still with me.


beejaycee said...

I appreciate the explanation. Not being an artist myself, I find it fascinating how 'you people' get these incredible ideas from your brains to our eyes. Your talent continues to amaze me.

da janx said...

New sketchbook. Just broke in a new pad myself last night. Love the feeling of destroying that first blank page.

It's nice to have the 411 on the creation of the fish.

Average Jane said...

Very cool!