Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All-Con Chick

So I hardly ever get a chance to draw hot chicks. It always seems I'm drawing creepy stuff and/or cartoony stuff so when I saw that All-Con (a show I'll be tabling at in Dallas next month) was asking contributing artists to submit designs for the 2010 All-Con Girl I jumped at the chance to come up with something.

I wanted to use the red, white and blue for her uniform in a way to not make her look like Supergirl as much as I could (ie: stay away from a red cape) Also All-Con takes place in my home state of Texas so I wanted to incorporate the Texas flag elements in her uni, thus the single star. Not a very creative costume I know but whatever.

You can see the linework here.


Jason Chalker said...

Nice dude. I would not want to piss her off.

Anonymous said...

She has a very "Kara Thrace" feel to her. Nice work man!