Monday, July 07, 2008

Fish Tank

Hope everyone had a great 4th weekend! I had way too much fun and am still recovering.
I have been super busy with work and have been doing tons of concept work. Unfortunatley most is under NDA's so, consequently, nothing I can post. I felt like my blog has been sadly neglected. Lately I've been in a complete funk and haven't felt very artistic and not very inspired. I tried working on a new sculpture but lost my impetus quickly. I hoped the weekend off with friends would recharge the batteries. I just got some new art supplies I ordered in the mail so I'm excited to try those out. I have had a hankering to get away from the computer a bit and actually put paint to paper... I also REALLY miss reading (I have been reading a lot of historical stuff lately but no fiction) and after catching one of the movies in the hotel room over the weekend I decided to read all the Harry Potter books from beginning to end. I started the first one yesterday.

*Update: Those of you who ordered fish books, they're out the door and you should be getting those soon along with your original art. Because of a complete snafu with the printer, I was only able to fill pre-orders and I'm not sure if I'll be printing more. So those who got books may have gotten the only ones. The printer really dropped the ball and I am more than disappointed that the whole process didn't happen as I had hoped and expected. I have looked into other options to get them printed but right now it looks unlikely. Bummer.


flaviano said...

ouch man, i have to rebuke you! you jumped the "tools" step of my interview XD
i use alias sketchbook pro to ink (and to sketch also)he give me fantastic lines and a wacom tablet.
and thanks to stop often on my place, i really appreciate!
keep do the great work, your creatures rocks as usual!

Anonymous said...

i'm so jealous regardin' the reading! one day i will get the time to do it (i used to love it!) good for you!

i'm sorry to hear about your books, as i said, there are more books in you, just a learning experience : )

take care!
a : )

MEECH! said...

Oh no...! I know that my book JUST arrived and is waiting at home for me!

I'm excited to have such a "limited edition" of your book, but sorry it did not go as you planned.

Indeed a learning experience. :)

Average Jane said...

My book and illustration just arrived yesterday. Sorry to hear you have a printing snafu. I'll keep and treasure mine either way.

John said...


I got the book and it's brilliant. I love it. Sorry to hear about the problems with the printer, but it's a glorious book.