Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Funky Fish Book!

So I have received the prototype for The Funky Fish Book. I am super pleased with how it turned and while I am tweaking it and making a few changes I will be taking pre-orders.

210 pages of fishy love, mostly black & white with 6 color plates. *It measures 9" wide by 7" tall and is about 5/8" thick. You can see one of the page(s) here with a Sharpie for scale. Super cool.

And for the first 25 books sold (paid for) I will be giving away (FREE) 25 ORIGINAL fish drawings that appear in the book itself (one per order please). What a deal! The books will be $20 with $5 for shipping so $25 total. You can email me directly (mail(at)kennonjames.com) to order or you can use that spiffy new PayPal button over on the left.



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andi butler said...

congrats on your book!!

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Wade said...

Cool! I hope it sells a lot!

MEECH! said...

I'm buying one. Right now.