Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tower sketch

A quick sketch I did in Bull McCabes last Saturday while waiting on some friends to show up.


MEECH! said...

Wait, oh my gosh... I just realized YOU'RE THE FISH GUY!!!! I love your fish drawings!!!!! I have shown them to about a thousand* people!!!!

(*slight exaggeration)


I know you have an Etsy shop too; I found it by searching "catfish" a while ago. Have you ever thought of making smaller versions of your art to sell?

John said...

I wonder how many times Aquaman hears that? ("You're the fish guy!") Probably a lot.

Anyway - your tower has officially scared the poop out of me. Because... you know... I am freaked out by towers.

Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Haha, turned out cool man, also loved the fantasy picture in the previous post. I love cool looking old towers.