Thursday, February 07, 2008

Leapfrog Lydia

Click for larger image.


Dawna said...

She's creepy AND beautiful..I love that lady-monster! Thanks Kennon.
Loren - I could just see a bunch of litle girls jumping and singing this dark little tune.

da janx said...




now, son. that's GREAT.

maybe it's just where my head is... but what's that i smell?

i smell a book.

Kennon said...

dawna - Thanks. We aim to please.

da janx - Thank you sir. You read our minds.

flaviano said...

this weird lady totally rocks!

Sarah Frary said...

If I were any younger .. (ha, ha) .. I would *so* sing this at a jump rope session with my peeps at the end of the block.

Fantastic concept here.

Stephanie said...

Fantastic! Funny how old kids rhymes make for the creepiest inspiration sometimes, isn't it?