Friday, February 01, 2008

Gerald Cusp

Although hideously transformed by exposure to the unknown toxins of The Waste, Cusp retained his gentle grace, and eloquence.

"There is no irony here, gentleman. The metamorphosis of study will always realign the perception of the observer in favor of those to whom he has dedicated his observation. I was merely fortunate enough to develop a physical representation that mirrors my empathy for these creatures of misunderstanding. This is a truer path to discovery, that I shall cherish."

Gerald Cusp continues to study monsters in their natural habbitat. While Mr. Cusp's lecture tours are immensely popular they are also considered rather dangerous, as he has been known to eat a member of the audience, on occasion.

*Everyone have a great weekend and get ready for the most lopsided Super Bowl in NFL history. 9's call: 45-10 Patriots. Yee haw.


Dawna said...

He is almost too cute to be a monster...I think the Giants will show up a bit more than that. Dawna's prediction: 45-17 for the Pats. Wager?

Kennon said...

You know I'm a betting man. Stakes? Points?

Dawna said...

I'd like to bet Strahan gets at least 3 sacks on Brady. Stakes? Maybe we should take this offline. Can we get into trouble e-betting?
The only thing I want from you is a wizard rock...

Kennon said...

We're betting on how many sacks Strahan gets? I can dig it.

3+ sacks for Strahan gets you a rock.

Any less and I get homemade chocolate chip cookies.


Dawna said...

Yikes...I WANT him to get at least 3, not sure if they will let him get to Brady as often as I'd like.
Cookies huh? I'm in.

Lana Gramlich said...

*LOL* Cute little story here.