Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Emesi the demon turns inside-out
while the tentacles roll down his chin.
If ever he gets to, he'll drag you along
and then you'll be outside-in

*For those that didn't know, my genius buddy Loren Hoskins is doing the writing/prose/lyrics for my monsters. This one being my favorite so far. Loren is an extremely talented comic, writer, voice talent, musician, and friend. (He reads this blog so feel free to give him props.)


Anonymous said...

This series is like a Batman/Superman teamup.

Dawna said...

As Kennon mentioned you may be reading, I guess I will just address you directly...LOREN - phenomenal work, my friend! I didn't think anything could make me more eager to check this blog each day, but your words and Kennon's art are a match made in heaven (or the depths of hell?)

Lana Gramlich said...

This one reminds me of Chtulhu.

Hoskins said...


That means a great deal coming from Spiderman.


Hoskins said...


Thank you for the kind words and the wondrous encouragement. It's a daunting task living up to Kennon's work.