Monday, January 21, 2008

circa 1989

Here's a blast from the past. 1989. Senior year of high school. Done in high school, Mr. Becker's biology class to be exact.

On another note, I saw Cloverfield over the weekend. Don't waste your money (*note: I am an extremely tough movie critic). And if you are in the slightest way prone to motion sickness, stay far away from this movie. The camera effect (ala hand-held camcorder) is relentless. I'm going to try and write a more in depth review of Cloverfield on another blog soon.


Sarah Frary said...

Dude. Kip and I -just- got back from that film. and you know what? I warned him! It had rank on it a mile away and OH how I WARNED him. Aahhh well, I admit that I had morbid curiosity too. BUT. Totally agree with you. What a waste it was. Ugh.

Dawna said...

That piece is just shy of 20 years old. You have an amazing memory to remember the class and teacher. This is reminiscent of "dreaming" dragon. Love the shrooms.