Friday, November 02, 2007

Cultists of Invincible Anarchy

More work for "Fishing For Terrorists".


da janx said...

it's always an interesting situation when you have a three fingered character doing a hand gesture. being a staunch resident of the three-finger camp, i've run into some challenges in the past. this hand gesture, of course, works well. from time to time, however, i've thrown in an extra finger if the gesture creates some confusion with only three fingers. this i'll say, four fingers is a LOT of fingers to draw.

this whole set of illustrations rocks. i can't wait to go Fishing for Terrorists.

Kennon said...

Thanks dude.

Yeah personally I'm not a fan of the three finger club as situations like you stated happen but the art direction of this game was already in place when I came along otherwise there would be 5 fingers per hand.

Besides I like drawing fingers and hands so the more the merrier.