Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Shawks Vol 1 Video Blowout!!

Anyone still use their VCR? I have about 20 of these Shawk videos and would love to find them homes as I would hate to have to just chuck them. If you want one, just shoot me an email or comment here. I just ask for a simple $5 to cover postage (I'll even send you a free sticker or two). Again, they're VCR but the video has all of Shawks season 1 and some AWESOME behind-the-scenes footage. You can check out all/some of the episodes on Atom Films for free. If you're new to Shawks and like wtf is that? It's an animated show that I worked on with some awesomely talented dudes at Mongadillo Studios up in Portland, Oregon at the turn of the century. This video is a culmination of some of the stuff we were working on, Shawks being our most popular show. Get'em while they last...

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