Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Horned Flatface

So I got an email from an actual fish biologist in New Caledonia (yeah I had to look that up) that had some kind remarks and helpful suggestions about my fish drawings. As I don't use a lot of reference when I draw my fish it seems my fish anatomy's a little whacky. From my new fish biologist buddy: "The only fins that come in pairs are the pectoral and the ventral." I was informed that most (all) fish don't have a set of anal fins, they usually have just one. The only fish that have a pair of anal fins are goldfish and aren't found in the wild. As I have goldfish that I see everyday therein lies the problem. So just for you Dominique, here's a one anal-finned fish. Thanks for the great advice!


da janx said...

i often considered discussing your anal fins with you, but didn't. :)

Kennon said...

So now everyone's a marine friggin biologist?

John said...

Oh I've always felt that Marine Biologists have an unhealthy obsession with anal fins. I remember this one "salt water" biologist I dated and she just wouldn't stop talking about them. She would be all, "sometimes the caudal fin fuses with the dorsal and anal fins to form a contiguous fin" and I'd be all, "That's great, baby. Now take your top off." Yah. Marine Biologists - they're a crazy, sexy, anal fin loving bunch.