Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fish sculpture paint job.

I wasn't having the greatest day yesterday so I took a break from staring at the computer screen and pulled out this guy and decided to work on his paint job. I cranked up some butt rock and went to work.
Here are his base colors, about 5 to 6 drybrushing coats of various blues and purples.I painted his belly white, did a base coat of rust red in his mouth and screwed in eyelets on the backside to hang him from.
He needs a few highlight coats, an antiquing to bring out the scales and a base coat of black for his eyes and teeth. Once that all dries, paint the teeth and eyes and a spray of varnish and he's complete and ready to hang.


The Hoss said...

Dig the blue hues. Nicely done.

Jason Chalker said...

That's lookin' rad Kennon.

Kennon said...

Thanks guys.