Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Scourge of OZ

Pulled into the magical world of Oz against her will, Dorothy Gale of Kansas traveled through the land to find the wizard who could return her home. Accompanied by her faithful hell hound Toto and armed with her battleaxe "Witch Hammer" she slew all who opposed her.
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da janx said...

if you ask me, the scourge of OZ needs to be a series. the the scourge of OZ tin man... that would rock.

Dirty said...

Bad ass, man. Love it.

BGOZ said...


definiately need more on this!


Loren said...

Blood Over the Rainbow!

Brilliant Kennon. I am completely inspired by that. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

i do love how empowered you've made her...and love the boots...those could help me a lot!

a : )

Anonymous said...

Love this piece to bits =)