Wednesday, March 21, 2007


This is the one of many posts I will have in different forums about how bad UPS sucks.
Don't ever use them. They are incompetent (the drivers don't check signatures, in my case someone who's name starts with a D signed for my package, the driver just entered that it was signed by "Kennon"), their computer system is seriously flawed (if the computer doesn't recognize an address it just randomly generates a new address, in my case the wrong name, address, city, and zip, I guess I should feel lucky it got in the correct state), and their customer service is rude (I had two people actually hang up on me because I kept asking questions they couldn't answer).
So long story short; my father used UPS to mail some sculptures to me that I did when I was a kid. He used my correct name, correct address (he left out drive), correct city, correct state. UPS, in their automated wisdom sent it to the wrong person (who signed for it), wrong address, wrong city, and wrong zip. This was double-checked by no one. No logic that I can see was used to get the package to the correct address. Isn't this why we have RETURN addresses on everything? And now, items that are priceless to my father and I are presumable lost forever. (This has happened to me twice in the last month)
So for those of us who use the various mailing systems to do business. Be warned, UPS is not to be trusted. I never will again.


dawna said...

oh, Kennon, that sucks! I am so sorry. Is there any way to try and track it down? Do they have the address it was sent to?

Kennon James said...

My Dad put a "tracker" on it, whatever that means and I have some friends in Houston checking it out. It was "delivered" three weeks ago so I'm assuming whoever signed for it opened it, saw a bunch of useless kid sculptures then chunked it in the garbage.
It seems lots of people have had bad experiences with UPS since I'm getting lots of UPS horror stories since I posted this.

barbara said...

i ship out perishables every day. we do not have a ups account for the very reasons you suffered. when shipping within the state, i use a service (based in austin) called lone star overnight. their service and customer service is the absulute best and their prices are so low i don't know how they stay in business. i have used them every day for just over 3 years now and have had ONE service problem which they IMMEDIATELY resolved.